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Fire For Effect

This video teaser from a band that myself and a few brothers from the thrash/death metal scene are working on. We are in the building stages of our master plan. With each song it becomes clear what will ultimately be accomplished. Stay tuned Bleeeeeeeed!. Check THIS out!

Added youtube videos with all the 9 completed songs I recently did with the band Inverted Matter. Check THIS out!

Here´s the latest news about the project that I´ve done for FIRE FOR EFFECT with vocalist Bret Hoffman (MALEVOLENT CREATION), bassist Tony Choy (PESTILENCE) and guitarist and songwriter Gio Geraca (MALEVOLENT CREATION, ASHES OF ARES). Read about it onBlabbermouth

My latest project with Inverted Matter. Check out their facebook page

Read my latest interview from Brutal Basarbia

Watch my latest Ego Alley production video interview

Suffocation is in The Top 20 New York Hardcore and Metal Albums of All Time with the Effigy of the Forgotten album released in 1991, landed at #4 according to New York Village Choice website Read More

There are not many things related to the suffocation brand I can honestly say brings me sadness. Except, the lack of pride that exists within those who have the “right” to claim the name as their own.

This battle has been one that to any focused being, should make obvious sense but has evaded some for 2 decades. Within any foundation the weakest link will always cause all structure to crumble.

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