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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Is now over and gone, and it was an amazing year indeed. The relationships I´ve made and have ended has led me exactly to where I need to be mentally, financially and professionally.

My journey as a musician has led me to my own personal place in the Hall of Fame. An accomplishment I couldn´t have imagined as a Death Metal musician.

The relationships I gained throughout my career has proven strong and prosperous and have finally reached the point where there are no weak links to prevent steady success moving forward.

Through my SMITHBLAST drum lessons I became an instructor I had never really planned on becoming.

It turns out that being able to teach drumming and the realities of the music industry to the youth was an absolute need in my life.

The students I´ve gained, constantly remind me as to what excited me to learn when I was young and striving to become a pro musician.

The relationships I´ve maintained with musicians, equipment endorsers and industry execs across the world keep the possibilities of growth and new directions within reach.

If 2013 turns out any better than 2012 I seriously wont know what to do with myself but I will surely figure it out. Every step and decision made has led me to greater situations that allow me to see clearly what it is I have in my life, and what it is I still have to accomplish.

I look forward to the journey ahead with my family, friends and colleagues. Our focus has gotten us this far and will continue. We have a music industry to rebuild in favor of the musicians, Lets make it happen.

Bleed 4 It!