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South America Update
Thursday, May 13, 2010

So far this run has been amazing. I would have updated you all nightly if facebook wasn´t such a disfunctional mess when I needed it most.

We are in Santiago chile performing tonight if the other half of my band make it here. It appears that passport theft is big business in Peru. Frank and Terrance suffer currently from the crime. A couple from the Napalm camp were victims as well. Hopefully we will all unite again prior to showtime to perform. Stay tuned!

Other than that major setback the shows and the experiences have been amazing.

Most savage show thus far has been Columbia. Peru was killer as well minus the theft. Venezuela - after blowing up the sound system and power in the building three times in song one, was still good due to the fan enthusiasm. Mexico as always was perfect. It was the first show, so it is hard to remember detail. After parties make my memory foggy.