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Hall of Famer Mike Smith Endorses DMMCompany

Mike Smith DMMCompany Interview

Hall of Fame drummer and worldwide death metal icon Mike Smith has teamed up with DMMCompany, the Definitive Music Market as a way to give back to lifelong fans and fellow music creators.

In 1989 Mike Smith co-founded Suffocation, which in 2012 became the first death metal band to be inducted into the Long Island Hall of Fame along with other musical trailblazers including Salt-n-Pepa, Whodini, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, Taylor Dayne, and WALK-FM Radio. Suffocation´s 1991 album “Effigy of the Forgotten” was named #4 of the “Top 20 New York Hardcore and Metal Albums of All Time” by the New York Village Voice.

After performing across the globe and leading the charge of death metal music for over three decades, in 2012 Mike Smith decided to leave the band, fed up with the status quo of the industry. Mike Smith knew it was time for music creators to take back their art forms and gain the status and respect that is rightfully theirs.

Here´s a one-on-one with Mike Smith where he explains why DMMCompany, the power of the music creator, and what´s next.

Q: Why did you decide to team up with DMMCompany?

Mike Smith (MS): “I´ve reached a point in my life and career where it’s become obvious to me that technology and the possibilities available to musicians far surpass the capabilities of the music industry as it exists today. All musicians need to understand that without us there is no industry. We are in a better position now to take full control of our music and our careers if we focus on reinventing the music industry to match the level of technology we all have at our fingertips.

Through DMMCompany I can give back to the fans who made my career possible, as well as to the musicians who deserve a credible brand and outlet to showcase their talents without compromising ownership, artistic direction or exposure. DMMCompany puts the Music Creator first visually and in its interface in a way that makes the confines of the music industry irrelevant. It´s all about the drive and passion of the musician.”

Q: How can your involvement in DMMCompany help Music Creators and Musicians who have supported you over the years?

MS: “I´ve always made certain that my fans know that I’ve never been about following trends. I only speak from what I know and practice myself. You will find any music I create from this point forward on DMMCompany first, because it matches the sincerity of my music, the quality of my sound and my taste. There is no more middle man. It puts the fun back into making music and getting it out to people in real time, and there´s room for all true talent to shine.

I hope to bring attention to a product, channel of music and community of music creators who can showcase their music to an audience that understands that today´s mainstream isn’t necessarily the best nor the most unique of what’s out there.”

Q: What is the MetalHead Lifestyle?

MS: “MetalHead is a channel of music on DMMCompany that I curate. I listen to and approve every song that is streamed through the MetalHead lifestyle. This gives me the opportunity to become familiar with musicians and music creators from around the globe, while introducing these artists to millions of metal enthusiasts. I use my accomplishments to help bring attention to others.”

Q: What are you up to these days, still making music?

MS: “I´ll always be involved with music. The majority of my time I work with bands as a hired drummer, along with 60-hour work weeks in the steel industry. I teach the art and principles of extreme drumming in person and via Skype. I´m also collaborating with other amazing talents for my own projects across genres while working on my long-anticipated Grimm Real album. Last but not least, I´m writing on an autobiography about my music career. I got a lot to share.”

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