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Legacy of Blood Europe Tour Recap
Sunday, April 18, 2010

The European leg of the Suffocation “Legacy of Blood tour 2010” turned out to be a really solid run. I thank the bands for shredding and doing there part respectively.

Legacy of Blood European Tour 2010

It was cool to re-meet Annotations of an Autopsy with their new line-up. It was definitely more successful then our first meeting years back. They´ve matured nicely. Cheers!

Nervecell- from Dubai, represented the Middle Eastern territory fully and opened a lot of minds to the concept that music is a universal passion. You could tell they had the fire in them and cherished the moments.

Fleshgod Apocalypse-from Italy, proved they could endure the reality of van touring, showed up every night, and grinded and blasted fools into new fans.

Burning the Masses- from California, the youngest of the traveling circus. These cats are definitely well trained/practiced and focused musicians. They can do good things influencing the young generation with determined focus.

It was a pleasure sitting and sharing experiences, hard earned lessons, and the do´s and don´ts to succeed, with all of these bands. You could tell that they were listening. That alone will get them that much closer to their goals in an industry that is more often than not, un-organized, backwards stepping, nonsense.

We´ll catch up with you cats somewhere soon. Peace and BLEED THE TRUTH!