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As my touring schedule kicks off in the upcoming weeks. I will be updating this area often to keep track of what our 20 year of existence and the Blood Oath era has to offer. If its good you’ll know it. If its bad You’ll know it. Either way, it will be the truth!.

As now I have the new website running, I’m really sorry for my old RSS subscribers that you need to Subscribe to Smith Blast RSS Feeds in order to receive the latest one. I will try to make it the very last thing you have to do to keep updated to my schedules / activities. Thanks for all your support during these years. Peace Out, Bleed the Truth!!!


DEDREP - The Concept, a mentality, the Brand pronounced (DED)(REP), I formed this in 1999 during one of my “creatively stressed” mental breakdowns.

I began building on a concept as an actual therapy to discover who I am, what I stand for, and what my presence was to be among society.

This was spawned from years of frustration as a musician battling in an industry that lacked moral value, which has caused many musicians and artist alike to compromise their authentic direction.

For an artists, loss of authenticity provokes the breakdown of all. Fortunately, my breakdown led to me rebuilding for battle.

Over the years the DEDREP theory naturally formed into a crew of like-minded family, friends, thinkers, artists, musicians, architects, designers, fabricators bikers, x-treme sports athletes, etc.

The movement behind it has always been on a need-to-know basis. Forward 12 years to 2011 and the DEDREP concept/movement has noticeably grown.

In this matured form it has become the brand that best defines me, and those who share similar principles.

DEDREP - Declare Your Strengths.
This is not a fad..... It´s a movement.

DMMcompany New music!

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